Dum Aloo Banarsi (Delicious Potatoes Cooked in a Savoury Indian

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Total Time
1hr 25mins
40 mins
45 mins

This recipe won the R.O. 20 Golden Oryx coupon in the Thursday magazine for the week September 13th to 19th'2007. Enjoy!

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  1. Add all the spices to the grated and boiled potatoes in a bowl.
  2. Mix well and shape into balls.
  3. Roll into corn flour and deep fry in a pot.
  4. Drain onto kitchen paper towels and keep aside.
  5. Next, in another pot, deep fry the sliced onions till golden brown.
  6. Mix with yoghurt and using a blender, blend to obtain a fine paste.
  7. Heat a pan and add into it butter, spices, onion, ginger and garlic paste and tomatoes.
  8. Saute for 15 minutes on low heat.
  9. Stir in tomato paste and all the remaining masalas.
  10. Now fold in the onions, salt, pepper and yoghurt paste.
  11. Cook for 10 minutes.
  12. Add the fried potato balls to the gravy.
  13. Garnish with cream, mint leaves and corriander leaves.
  14. Serve hot with parathas or rotis or rice.
  15. Enjoy!
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This was really good, I didn't roll the potatoes into balls, just kept them in small pieces (which isn't true dum aloo, but easier). I also added cashews and raisins.

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