Mom's Teacher's Garam Masala recipe

Total Time
15 mins
10 mins

This is posted in response to a request from Poppy on the boards. My mom's teacher's garam masala, this recipe, has won her the admiration of all her students, worldwide. My mom swears by this recipe.

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  1. Lightly roast all the ingredients.
  2. Powder the lightly roasted ingredients in a grinder.
  3. Store in a bottle and use as and when desired.
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I love this recipe, because it has the right proportion of coriander/cumin. I don't like dishes that are over-powered with cumin. But I also add the same quantity of nutmeg as cloves, and the same quantity of black mustard seeds and red chilies as the cardamom--a wee bit of South India thrown in there. :) Did you mean cardamom *seeds* not pods. I don't grind the pods--only seeds.

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Have just made this. Halved the recipe so it won't sit around too long. Added 2 star anise. Our kitchen now smells wonderful! Can't wait to use it! Many, many thanks!

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Excellent recipe! I will always use this one, Thanks