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I cut this as when I went to my larder I just had enough lentils to make half the amount, I wish I had more as it is a great soup. Mine turned out more like a stew, it was very thick but I did like it like that. I think the amount of black mustard seeds sounds a lot but once the soup is made you will see that the amount is just fine, they give it that lovely nutty flavour when you let them pop, but I warn anyone who makes this to keep your pot lid handy or you will have mustard seeds everywhere. I have used them before so I had my lid close by me. The soup it's self is so flavoursome, and is well worth the work putting it together, the smell when it's cooking is amazing, I made it a bit healther by using low fat coconut milk and I didn't think it needed any sugar. I even liked it before you put the milk in it has such a nice taste. This will become a family favourite as we love the taste of India. Thank you so much for posting. made for January warm up 2011

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Tea Jenny January 06, 2011

OMG. This was SO delicious! It made quite a lot for just me to be eating, but I doubt any of it will go to waste because it tastes so good! I used green lentils because I didn't have brown which is why I think I had to add 2 cups more water 20mins before it was done cooking (I almost burnt it! Phew!). It wasn't very soupy, but I liked it that way. I ate it with rice or pita bread, for dinner and lunch and then dinner again.. so far. Will be eating more of it today! YUM!!!

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Dominique353 October 08, 2010

Well I have had Muligatawny Soup in many countries and this is up there with the best and better than many - And I made it - WOW! I had some last night and I'm having more now for breakfast - I will certainly be trying more recipes from this site - Thanks-Bubbles

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bubbles23 June 22, 2010

Fantastic soup for sure. I think the tandoori addition is great, would have never thought of that (and hey, it's collecting dust in the back of my cupboard...so even better to use it up). The amount of mustard seeds scared me, I must admit I wanted to use a fraction of that, but decided to go for it and it's great. I only used a small tin of tomatoes and cut down the stock to 4 cups plus 2 of water (because there was quite enough salt with the 2 tsp earlier on). Really good, thanks Tessamami, I'm really enjoying it!

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magpie diner March 05, 2010

Great soup! I added some chick peas and used to blender to make it a cream like soup. Kids loved it!

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Jacquielom November 22, 2007

I made this as close to the direction as i could making the following substitutions.. for the fresh ginger- 2 tsp dry for the mustard seeds- 2 tsp dry i used chicken stock. didn't use the sugar and used 1/2 lime instead of lemon. i don't think the dish suffered at all. these were minor substitutions and it is flavorful and delicious. i have PLENTY to freeze for another occasion. I served it with Whole Wheat bread (#123305) it is similar to my own recipe for lentils with chicken (#85865), but a nice change with the added coconut milk. very tasty...

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WonderMima October 10, 2005

The recipe for this soup varies a lot from source to source so that leads me to conclude that I can interpret it as I wish :) My interest in this comes from an episode of Seinfeld where a character called "soup nazi" prepared this soup. I started messing around with some Indian cookbooks and found around four recipes. The one that did it for me was from a cookbook with recipes from Chicago restaurants which is very similar to what you are posting here. There are several things to remark: Lentils: I used red lentils because I am lazy and they cook faster :) Since many sources used different types of lentils I didn't think it was that crucial... Spices: You used ground mustard, I chose curry alone... Some other sources report using cardamom, red pepper and other things that are too complicated to find... I believe, and maybe I am talking non-sense, that the final end of the spices is to give the soup a kick... Seasoning after all is very personal... Coconut Milk and Sugar: I am using yogurt and a pureed apple... It really tastes great! Perhaps this is another component of the soup that has to be there. I am stealing some ideas from the recipe you posted. Thanks for posting it!

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Alquimista May 16, 2005

tessamami: This is excellent. I made no changes except I prepared half the recipe. And you didn't say how much ginger so I added 2 teaspoons. You don't need the optional sugar as the coconut milk adds just enough sweetness. I love this stuff. I will make it often and can't wait to make it for company. Thanks so much for this!

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Kathy228 June 10, 2004
Mulligatawny Soup with Lentils