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I made this recipe over the weekend and was quite pleased with it. I did, however, make some adjustments based on the previous reviewers' comments. First off, I started with frying the cumin, methi and mustard seeds first. I doubled the amount of those seeds (which might be too much for the average person, but wasn't too much for me), and then after frying them, I combined them with the turmeric, chili powder, green chillies and a little water, just enough to make it process smoothly in the food processor. Then I sauted the curry leaves in a little oil until aromatic, then added the mango cubes for a few minutes. Then I added the processed spice paste, and a little more water and simmered it for awhile. From there, I basically added a bit of water and cream (which I used instead of yogurt) at a time until the sauce was the consistency I wanted. One final note: I was unable to include the mango seeds in the recipe, because no matter how hard I tried, I could not split open the mango cores. The fruit I bought was pretty ripe, but still, the cores wouldn't open, either with a chef's knife or a serrated knife.

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SarahCKS February 01, 2010

Awesome......oh it smelled so good while it was still boiling... will be a regular indeed...i will go get mangoes just to make this :) thank u so much for posting...

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vadapao July 15, 2008

This was pretty good, but man was it spicy! I can handle it ok, but I think on average it might have to be toned down for some people... I used jalapeno chiles, so maybe that's why? I also added about a tsp of ghee. I didn't know how much 750 g of yogurt was, nor could I find any plain yogurt in the store for some reason, so I just used one yoplait mango yogurt cup instead. I still think it came out good. Also I took too long to make this, and my curry leaves weren't very fragrant, so based on someone's advice I doubled the amount of leaves. Thanks!

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hippeastrum March 19, 2007

it was too gud to be true!! i made it for a party at my place and it was a major hit, my friends actually asked me to give them some to take home too!! thanku so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe

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sourly sweet December 03, 2006

The recipe was vague and the curry was terrible – definitely not “the World’s Best�: 1)The Yogurt quantity of 750 g was way too much. I only used half that amount, and can only imagine that any more and the recipe would have been incredibly soupy. 2)The curry was very bland which surprised me given all the spices that go into it. I had to increase the quantities of some of the spices, and it still tasted like something was missing. 3)I was unclear as to what to do with the green chilies. I slit them in half, took the seeds out, and added them to the curry whole. Should I have chopped them up and mixed them in so that flavors could have been more mixed?

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runmerav November 28, 2006

I made this with frozen mango not fresh, so thought I probably shouldn't give it stars, but if I did I would probably give three stars. I liked the flavor, but the texture was bizarre. All the water didn't evaporate (was it supposed to?) so I ended up with mango soup. (Did I miss a step?) Then adding in the yogurt (mine was pretty thin) it just got soupier. I actually only added 1/2 the 4 cups of yogurt called for, but thought it watered down the curry too much. If I made it again I'd probably only add 1-1.5 cups yogurt for the whole recipe. I was worried about 2 tsp. turmeric--it looked like so much--but it turned out fine. I also could not put in 1 3/4 tsp salt for four servings. That seems crazy? I added 1/4 tsp. salt and found it plenty salty. Not only was the curry extremely soupy, but the crunchiness of the whole seeds in contrast made for an incredibly strange texture I thought. Not unpleasant, exactly, just bizarre.

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paperfreeme February 21, 2006

Definitely lives up to its name - one of the best (and easiest to make) curries I've ever tasted and such a great way to fix my beloved mangoes! I used about half the yogourt amount, but I guess it depends on the size of your mangoes and how much of the hot spiced fruits you eat before actually stirring in the yogourt (I just couldn't help it...)! Being out of curry leaves, I used around 1 tsp homemade curry spice mix, which worked fine. Thanks a lot for this recipe!

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Anne La Quebecoise November 23, 2005

It's manngo season here in Oz, so I made this delicious curry last night. I also added some prawns to the recipe, at the end of the cooking time, and let them heat through. They were delicious and the combination of mango and seafood was a winner. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe Char.

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Kate in Katoomba December 22, 2004

Charisma, congratulations this was an amazing curry, my extended family loved it! The recipe was easy to make, I didn't add all the chilli (about a quarter strength - my under fours were also eaters).

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Alicia Campbell December 09, 2004
To Die For The World's Best Indian Mango Curry